My First Post

As you might have guesses this is my first attempt to set up my web page.  I just got a contract to publish my first book.  I plan to write about the book, journey the get it published and promoted and provide a way for my readers to contact me.

But first I need to learn how to set up and manage this web site.  I hope you’ll stay with me on the journey. I promise it will be fun because I don’t do things that aren’t fun (except some things I have to do like taxes, pay bills and go to the dentist)

So please check back to follow my progress


11 thoughts on “My First Post

    • 101 Ways I Have Tried To Make Money Or Things I Learned After It Was Too Late is a humoris memoir that cronicals my efforts to make money to buy the good thing in life. Originally I had fun writing it for myself as I recalled the the failures and successes I had had. When I retired I joined a memoir writing class. The teacher and class liked it and encouraged me to publish


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